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Testing Services

ANT Mobile Nitrogen Generators make nitrogen available when and where it’s needed, continuously without having to schedule and coordinate delivered liquid nitrogen.

Atlantic Nitrogen and Testing offers complete testing of pipelines, compressor stations and facilities. In addition, to our larger units, we have smaller nitrogen generating units available for on site and in shop testing of fabricated pieces. We can supply all necessary equipment and labor required to perform all aspects of your testing needs. Our ability to produce nitrogen on site enables us to provide this service at a very competitive price.

Since we produce the nitrogen on site, our clients will only be charged for the exact amount of nitrogen required for that particular test.

Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing (ANT) provides a fully integrated mobile nitrogen generator specifically designed for rapid deployment in remote locations. While other membrane systems or inert gas generators require multiple transports and long setup / breakdown times, this system is mounted on a single trailer and already interconnected and calibrated.

These systems are designed to deliver Nitrogen at remote locations where the cost of delivered liquid nitrogen (LN) is high, when the scheduling and delivery of nitrogen takes a long time, or when the requirement calls for continuous service. You would never run out of nitrogen or have to terminate a job prematurely while waiting on a nitrogen bulk transport for supplemental LN. ANT nitrogen generators eliminate the troublesome logistics and timing of LN supply while delivering nitrogen at a cost that reflects the elimination of transport costs.

Advantages of using Atlantic Nitrogen for your Test

  • No renting or mobilization of frack tanks.
  • No purchasing of water.
  • No trucking of water to the site.
  • No pumping of water into the pipelines.
  • No chasing of air pockets.
  • No inaccurate testing of pipelines due to different head pressures.
  • No pumping of water back into the frack tanks.
  • No pigging to remove water from pipelines.
  • No trucking of water off site.
  • No water disposal and treatment cost.
  • No demobing of frack tanks.
  • No road damage due to excessive trucking.
  • No drying cost of pipelines to desired dew points.
  • No finds or environmental issues due to spills or improper disposal of water.
  • No freezing of water.

Testing with Nitrogen Saves Time and Saves Money!