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Atlatnic Nitrogen provides services for all aspects of Nitrogen and Hydrostatic operations. These services include pipe cleaning, pipe pigging, purging, drying, and inspecting.

All services including subcontracting are provided with project management support and operations from cradle to grave.

Pipeline Pigging

Foam and Polyvinyl Pigging

Foam and polyvinyl pigs have a number of applications in the pipeline industry. They can be used to clean a pipe of debris such as slag or hydrocarbons or remove water more efficiently after a hydro test. Pigging is done after a test is complete in order to remove the medium it was tested with, and foam and polyvinyl pigs are a cheap and easy solution to this.

Atlantic can provide the compressor needed to push and launch the pig. For pipelines without pig launcers or recievers, we can provide a bell piece that fits over the opening that can act as a launcher.

Gauge Pigging

Gauge pigs are used to determine if the pipeline has any anomalies from welds to dents in the metal. Gauge pigs are run with sizing plates which are custom made for the diameter of the inside of the pipeline and are inspected for scratches and damage after it is run through the entire section of pipe.

Along with sizing plates, we are able to provide Geometry Pigs, Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspecting tools, and Caliper tools to inspect the pipeline.

Brush Pigging

Brush pigs can clean the inside of a pipeline more effectively than you can with a foam or vinyl pig.

Brush pigs are able to remove rust and other debris from the inside of a pipeline, and can be used to clean an old system of corrosion.

Smart Pigging

Smart pigs are pigs which have sensors and gauges built in to more precisely assess the state of a pipeline.

Data is collected and transmitted to gauge the health of the pipeline segment being scanned. Transmitted data is then analyzed to find points where the pipeline may be compromised.

Atlantic smart pigs are able to pinpoint the location of an anomaly and the precise nature of the issue.

Pipeline Purging & Drying

Atlantic Nitrogen provides purging services to remove any unwanted product from a pipeline system. Whether it be the remaining water after a hydro test, slag from the welding process, or other waste material, we are able to remove the product along with all of the moisture inside a pipe to a negative dew point to ensure it is ready for its intended use.

Purging Methods

Blow Off

After the de-water process, if all low-points are not drained completely, there can be heavy water left in the pipe. The blow off method consists of pressurizing a pipe up to 40PSI and using an actuated gate valve to force water out of the pipe. Atlantic can provide the equipment to completely remove the heavy water and transition directly into the dry air purge.

Dry Air

Once all of the heavy water is removed from a piping system, dry air (up to -200°F dew point) is used to remove any remaining moisture from the pipe. Atlantic is able to provide a continuous stream of dry air in order to ensure even the largest systems are dried.


In certain situations (such as when purging live gas systems), normal air cannot be used because of the flamability risk. In this case, Atlantic can provide inert Nitrogen gas dried to -100°F dew point in order to dry a system. This Nitrogen can be generated on-site or brought in as liquid. Nitrogen is the safest gas to purge with since it does not provide a fuel source for a flammable Hydrocarbon that could be present in the system.