About Us

We are a multi-service company capable of performing various tasks regarding the oil and gas industry working with the pipelines. We can serve you at what ever job site at any time as we are on call 24/7. Atlantic has the capabilities of going to every job site to satisfy your specific needs.

We cover a range of services including:

Our Mission

Our Commitment to the Safety and Future of America's Energy Industry

Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing provides a critical service ensuring the safe operation of pipelines accross the United States.

We pressure test pipelines before they are put in service using the strictest guidlines set by the industry in order to ensure the safe operation of pipelines.

We are helping build the energy future of America one step at a time and making sure that future is sustainable and secure for everyone.

Our Commitment to Safety

Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing takes the strictest precautions for safety. We understand the potential dangers of working in the oil and gas industry and we require all of our employees and subcontractors to wear the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on at all times.

Atlantic Employees have all of the necessary safety certifications for working in the oil and gas industry including:

OSHA10, OSHA30, Veriforce, DOT, Safeland, PCI, ISNET World, and NCCER.

Atlantic meets all of the safety requirements of working in a high potential risk area and takes all of the steps to mitigate that risk possible.

Our Commitment to Accuracy

Atlantic Nitrogen primarily uses the Barton Dual Pin 12" Histogram Recorder along with a Crystal nVision Digital Data Logger to run pressure tests. These gauges are an industry standard when it comes to accurately testing the integrity of a pipeline.

All of our gauges are calibrated every 6 months to ensure accuracy of our equipment. We are able to precisely measure pressure of the pipeline we test to ±0.01 PSI with our equipment.

Whatever the job calls for we can meet the demand. Atlantic can provide high accuracy traditional Deadweights, and dew point testers which measure moisture levels in the air down to -100°F relative humidity.

Our Commitment to the Client

At Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing we work for you.

We are able to meet the fast-paced ever-changing landscape of the oil and gas industry and flexibility is one of our core competencies. We will help you make your project a success, and we will be there from the planning and development stage, all the way to when the job is completed.

We go above and beyond the necessary steps in order to ensure that we limit our environmental impact at Atlantic Nitrogen. All of our equipment is surrounded in spill containment liners and any product put into the pipeline is carefully taken care of as to not contaminate the area.

Who We Are

Team Members

Kyle Dick


The owner and operator of the company. As sole owner of Atlantic Nitrogen, the company qualifies as a Woman Owned Small Business. Kyle comes from a background of constructing pipelines and compressor stations and has years of experience in the heavy construction industry as a manager and entrepreneur.

Dave Damits

General Manager

The general manager of Atlantic Nitrogen. Manages day to day operations of a growing company, performing DOT & ANSI testing requirements on new construction in the Oil & Gas Industry, related to the growth of the Marcellus & Utica Shale gas exploration in the PA / WV / OH region. Also specialize in on-site Nitrogen generation, using membrane systems.

Join Our Team

Atlantic Nitrogen is always looking for qualified individuals who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career around the oil and gas industry. For availability and further information on what roles we are currently looking to fill, contact us via email or over the phone at:

Email: contact@atlanticnitrogen.com
Phone: 724-228-2231

Some qualifications we are looking for:

Our History

2011 Founding of the company

Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing was founded by Perry Dick. Based out of Washington, Pa Atlantic Nitrogen served as a key step in the pipeline building process, ensuring the integrity and safety of the system before coming online.

Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing sits in the center of the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale boom having easy access to the tri-state area including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

2012 Dave Damits Joins

Dave Damits joins as the new General Manager of Atlantic Nitrogen in December 2012.

Coming from the military and defense contracting world, he has 24 years experience as an Air Force Superintendent and 4+ years of previous experience as a project manager for a defense contractor.

2015 Moving Offices

With the success of the company, and growing demand of the industry, Atlantic moved into a new facility down the road from the old office in downtown Washington, Pa.

2018 New Year new goals

We are an ever growing company with new emplyees and an ever expanding client base. We look to do business with you in the future and create a lasting mutually beneficial partnership.

Contact Us


Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing LLC.

100 Hamilton st.
Washington, Pennsylvania
15301, USA

General Contact

Reach us by phone, email, or fax at:

Phone: 724-228-2231
Fax: 724-228-2237
Email: contact@atlanticnitrogen.com

For the General Manager

Contact David Damits at:

Mobile Phone: 724-719-8484
Email: damits@atlanticnitrogen.com

For sales, service, and questions

Contact Ty Fender at:

Mobile Phone: 724-206-3707
Email: ty@atlanticnitrogen.com